Christmas Crafts

Okay now that Christmas is over I can post about some of the crafts I’ve completed.  I didn’t want any prying eyes to see any of these before they received them.  Anyway…

Here’s my Mary Jane slippers I sewed for a few gifts.  I think they turned out pretty cute (unfortunately I made one set a bit too small)

My Mod Podged Tea Light Holders

Turned into this:

or here’s another angle

I think they turned out cute!

Lastly I took some old ornaments, a glue gun, a bit of ribbon, a bow from a box and made this:

This is my favorite thing so far.  I got some more ornaments on sale the other day to make some more… who knows maybe they’ll become gifts or maybe I’ll put them on my etsy page.

Any Christmas crafts your proud of?


Don’t forget to give

In the mist of getting ready for Christmas and getting presents ready let’s not forget about those that don’t have the basic necessities. Please help me reach out to 1,000 people by donating to Soles4Souls. $1.00 helps 1 person, $5.00 helps a family get their first pair of shoes. Protecting the feet is one of the first lines of defense from disease. So whatever you have be it a $.50, $1.00, $10.00 … 100% will go toward these people that need the basics to survive.

Go here to help:


Today was candle day

One of my new loves is making candles.  I find it so interesting.  It involves a bit more than people think.  Right now I make soy candles and use hemp wicks.  These candles are the most eco-friendly and are one of the most clean burning candles out there.  Here’s a few pics of my craftiness today.

Here’s my scale, spoon to stir, bowl with some melted wax, containers, and fragrance oil

Just a few more of my fragrance oils

Some tea lights scented with Twig and Berries for an order I received this weekend.

Using my sponge brush to center my wick.  This 4 oz travel candle is scented with Carrot Cupcake that I am testing for Nature’s Garden Candle Supplies.

Freshly poured candle in a recycled jelly jar.  This one is scented with White Tea & Ginger

Trimmed wick from my Country Bumpkin candle.  I really want to light this one but alas I have to let it cure for a few days.  Did you know that candles had to cure?

All of these candles are going to cure for about a week and then I can test them out.  Some of them I added coconut oil (supposed to help with the scent throw) and some are just soy wax.  It’s all an experiment, but a fun one!

Anyone else out there make candles?  Anyone interested in learning?  I am still pretty new to this but I can answer some basic questions and let you know what you need to get started.

Hello world!

I am a craft addict.  I completely admit it and I am proud of it.  I really haven’t met a craft I do not like to try.  I can knit, paint, sketch, sew, crochet, make soap, make candles… the list really does go on.  Because I love being a crafter so much I decided to blog about it because I know out there in this big world there are others out there just like me.  This blog is for all of us to share ideas, talk to each other, and most importantly 😉 for me to post pictures of my crafting projects. 🙂

So who am I?  Well my name is Amber and I live in good ole Wisconsin.  With the winters that we have here it really is a benefit that I ❤ to craft.  I would go crazy being cooped up all winter without something to do.  I live with my wonderful Hubby who puts up with all my crafts and my two Welsh Corgis Einstein and Madam Curie.

What’s my current craft addiction?  Soap, candles, and sewing.  I’ve been doing soap and candles for about a year… maybe over a year now.  I’ve been sewing off and on for about 9 years.  Usually I go on and off with the sewing but right now I have had a project each weekend.  I do sell some of my crafts on my etsy account:

What else about me?  I also have a food blog: that posts my adventures in gluten free vegetarian eating.  See, I also love blogging 🙂

So if there any others out there that love to craft feel free to join me here.  Subscribe to my blog and we can support each other in our awesome craftiness! 🙂