Today was candle day

One of my new loves is making candles.  I find it so interesting.  It involves a bit more than people think.  Right now I make soy candles and use hemp wicks.  These candles are the most eco-friendly and are one of the most clean burning candles out there.  Here’s a few pics of my craftiness today.

Here’s my scale, spoon to stir, bowl with some melted wax, containers, and fragrance oil

Just a few more of my fragrance oils

Some tea lights scented with Twig and Berries for an order I received this weekend.

Using my sponge brush to center my wick.  This 4 oz travel candle is scented with Carrot Cupcake that I am testing for Nature’s Garden Candle Supplies.

Freshly poured candle in a recycled jelly jar.  This one is scented with White Tea & Ginger

Trimmed wick from my Country Bumpkin candle.  I really want to light this one but alas I have to let it cure for a few days.  Did you know that candles had to cure?

All of these candles are going to cure for about a week and then I can test them out.  Some of them I added coconut oil (supposed to help with the scent throw) and some are just soy wax.  It’s all an experiment, but a fun one!

Anyone else out there make candles?  Anyone interested in learning?  I am still pretty new to this but I can answer some basic questions and let you know what you need to get started.


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