My favorite supplier

I thought I would take the time tonight to talk honestly about one of my favorite suppliers, Bramble Berry.   As we all know, I am a crafting addict.  I have used Bramble Berry’s products in most of my craftiness.  Should we explore?  Lets!

Melt and Pour:  Their MP bases are amazing!  I started out trying their organic MP which was very nice.  I found it to be a bit drying but it could have been my hard water too.  I graduated to their shea butter MP and it’s AMAZING.  I highly recommend.  I usually order it in bulk.

Essential Oils:  I love essential oils in my daily life as well as in my crafts.  I am always on the look out for quality ingredients.  I am highly impressed with the quality and cost for these oils.  I have yet to find one that I do not enjoy.

Fragrance Oils:  They have so many that I always have a hard time choosing.  I tend to pick a new one or two or three 😉 each time I order.  I love the information you get on their site about each FO and the scents are amazing.  My favorite to date is Macha tea.

Waxes:  I only buy my wax from BB.  Their eco soya wax is great to work with, has a great burn time, and is very affordable.  I have made candles, body balm, and lip balm with this wax.

I would love to be chosen for their SOAP panel to try their upcoming floral fragrances.  I know the ones I use now are a best seller.  I really want to break the FO’s down into how they react in MP as well as in other applications.  Such as body balm and room sprays for example.  So what do you think?  Could I be a lucky chosen one?  Oh I do hope so!!!  You should all visit soap queen for some great projects, incite, and guidance when it comes to bath and body products.


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