And the Winner is…

Heather Stevens!  She wrote: “I would get some vanilla lip balm, meyer lemon & lavender bar, the kitchen sink bar (really cute).”  Please e-mail me your address and I will get your sugar scrubs out to you right away!



100th Fan Giveaway!


I’ve been a very busy little crafter lately.  I have been getting my Bramble Berry soap swap ready and sent off, then I made 25 samples for the June Out Of The Box Sampler (you can find them on etsy), then I sponsored 2 soaps for a 3000 fan giveaway. whew!

But what makes me the happiest is all the people who are interested in my crafts.  It really makes a girl feel good.  I have officially over 100 fans at my facebook page (  So let’s have a giveaway kids!  You could be the lucky winner of this:

This is over 11 oz of sugar scrub cubes in a variety of floral scents.  Take one or two in the shower with you, get them wet, smoosh them in your hand and use them to slough off any dead skin.  This bag is unmarked but is made with a clear mp base (from, white sugar, grapeseed oil, fragrance oil, and various colorants.  So how do you win.  Go to my etsy page: look around click on some of my items, check them out, then come back here and tell me what you would get if you had $15.00 to spend.  I will pick a random winner on Wednesday at 9pm (central time) and will post it here.

EDIT: If the soapyjoes facebook page gets 200 fans by Wednesday at 9pm Central Time I will draw two names.  The first name will win the sugar scrub cubes and the second name will win a super secret gift from me 🙂 

Good Luck!


I got the nicest feedback from a gal who bought room spray from me.  It absolutely made my night!  Here it is so you can all bask in the niceness of it all!

Thank you for your wonderful product and mint mojito sample. I just got them. This was my feedback. I’m so happy I found you. Have a great day. Mary
Positive a thousand times over. Very unique, light and refreshing spices. Return customer for sure.

Thank you Mary!  You are why I decided to share my craft to others.  I am so glad you enjoyed your product and I cannot wait for you to experience more someday soon!  Thanks again and again!!!

What did the soap gods decide?

They decided that they would save me and form an awesome looking bar of soap.  Now of course it has to cure and then we can try it out and see how it really did but so far I am in love.  Here is the progression this poor little soap had to take:

I literally glopped the soap into the mold and smooshed some older MP pieces I had.  I used plastic wrap to help smoosh it all down.  Then I just let it go.

It got very hot and started to go through gel phase.  The MP started to melt and mix together.  I started to get excited to see what it would turn out like in 24 hours.

Another shot of gel phase.  I just let this thing sit on the dinner table unwrapped but with some plastic wrap on top because I find that if I don’t I tend to get ash.

So when I got home today I got the soap out of the mold and started to cut it and this is what I found!

I love it!  I hope it turns out after cure.   I think it is so pretty.  The floral smells nice and spring like.  I love happy accidents!

Appeasing the Soap Gods

Soap making really is an experiment.  Especially when you try a new recipe with an untested fragrance oil.  Tonight I decided to give lard soap a try.  Lard is supposed to be very moisturizing and skin loving.  I combined the lard with coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil.  Everything was going great.  I could see the beginnings of trace forming and then I decided to add the FO.  Now my original plan was to divide the batch and try a swirl or layering method in a loaf mold.  Instead I was getting soap on a stick.  I do think I got the FO mixed in because I was able to blend it for about 1 to 2 min with my stick blender.  I glopped the whole thing into the loaf mold and decided to just go for it.  Sometimes you have to put faith in the soap gods and let what will happen, happen.  I added some MP pieces I had made a few weeks ago to the top.  This soap has heated so much that the MP is melting which is actually making the top look like stained glass.  Now the soap in question is going through gel phase.  I am going to let it sit in the mold for 24 hours and see what happens.  I’ll post pictures tomorrow so that you can see the changes this poor little batch is going through.  Who knows this may be a happy accident.  Or, it may be a disaster… soap making is an experiment after all!