Appeasing the Soap Gods

Soap making really is an experiment.  Especially when you try a new recipe with an untested fragrance oil.  Tonight I decided to give lard soap a try.  Lard is supposed to be very moisturizing and skin loving.  I combined the lard with coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil.  Everything was going great.  I could see the beginnings of trace forming and then I decided to add the FO.  Now my original plan was to divide the batch and try a swirl or layering method in a loaf mold.  Instead I was getting soap on a stick.  I do think I got the FO mixed in because I was able to blend it for about 1 to 2 min with my stick blender.  I glopped the whole thing into the loaf mold and decided to just go for it.  Sometimes you have to put faith in the soap gods and let what will happen, happen.  I added some MP pieces I had made a few weeks ago to the top.  This soap has heated so much that the MP is melting which is actually making the top look like stained glass.  Now the soap in question is going through gel phase.  I am going to let it sit in the mold for 24 hours and see what happens.  I’ll post pictures tomorrow so that you can see the changes this poor little batch is going through.  Who knows this may be a happy accident.  Or, it may be a disaster… soap making is an experiment after all!


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