Busy Girl

I have been a busy girl who has been hording all her pictures on her camera.  I recently have been working more on holistic care type things.  For example I am into herbal infusions (great way to get your vitamins and minerals), making my own tinctures (I have Echinacea brewing now), my own salves and infused oils, and my own medicines like cough syrup.  I love it.  I think I may find myself getting my masters (not like a 2 year masters) in Herbalism.  I can see the benefit for myself and my family but also when I use oils and herbs in soap.  Anyways.  My last post I talked about 3 soaps I had made: caramel sundae, Italian Olivo, and Mandarin Myrrh.  Here’s the freshly cut and out of the mold photos:

Caramel Sundae (look at all that ash!)

Mandarin Myrrh (I added a bit of Coral Mica to half of each bar)

Italian Olive (Capri Olivo and Basil, Sage and Mint Blend)

Here’s what the bars look like now that they’ve had some curing time:

Caramel Sundae

Mandarin Myrrh

Italian Olivo

I love all three of them but I think I really love Mandarin Myrrh (it’s from Bramble Berry in case you would like some too!)  All of them have no zap (yay!) and are discoloring beautifully.  Here’s a few pictures of my infusing oils and my tincture:

Aren’t they beautiful!

Echinacea Tincture (Started on 5-14-11 will be ready on 6-26-11)

Anyways on my plate today is some natural cough medicine and maybe a few more batches of soap.  Have a wonderful Sunday!


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