3 more

I have been a soaping machine lately, and by lately I mean yesterday and today.  You all saw what I made yesterday and now I get to share my latest 3 batches I just made this morning.  Here they are:

This one is Chamomile Lavender (Huggie’s type) in my silicone flower mold.  Smells great!

This one is Caramel Chocolate Espresso.  The soap balls are scented with Caramel Sundae and the rest is Chocolate Espresso with coffee grounds for exfoliation.  This one should discolor.

This one is Carrot Cupcake that I attempted to do an in the pot swirl with.  It also decided to gel on me (oh well).  Smells great though and I can’t wait to see what this one looks like when it cures.

So there you have it.  5 batches in under 24 hours (love!).  I may make a few batches tomorrow depending on when we get home.  I am now off to my parent’s house for a BBQ.  Num!


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