It’s time to change

I’ve decided that I needed one blog that talked about all aspects of my life instead of having three separate blogs.  I am going to be deleting this blog soon.  So if you want to stay connected and up with what’s going on in my life please subscribe to my new and soon to be only blog:  Thank you so much for being a fan but I can’t stay up with three blogs anymore.  I think one will de so much more.



Fall S.O.A.P. Panel

We all know I am a huge Bramble Berry fan.  It was actually their site that prompted me to try making soap for Christmas gifts a few years ago.  Thanks to them I can officially say my name is Amber and I am 100% addicted to soap making.  This little blog post is my entry for the fall S.O.A.P. panel.  I was lucky enough to get on the spring panel earlier this year, but I have grown so much in my soap making that I would love to be chosen again to try it with my new-found skills.  I have lately been obsessed with HP (hot process) soap making.  I do love it and its simple beauty.  I also am really into making lotions.  If chosen these are the two techniques I would focus on.  Here’s a little glimpse into my obsession:
Sadly, that’s not even all of it.  HAHA.  I am sure my fellow soap makers get it.  One thing I would like to do is at the end of the process I would like to sell all the items that are made.  I would like to donate 10% of the sales to my favorite foundation Souls for Soles where $1.00 = 1 pair of shoes for those in need.  So please pick me if you would.  It would be fun for me and it would also help a good cause.

Out of the Mold

As we all know I was a busy little soaper this weekend.  I finally got everything out of the molds and cut.  Aren’t they lovely?

Chamomile Lavender
Plain Jane
Lemon, Mint, and Cedarwood
Carrot Cupcake
Chocolate Caramel Espresso

I ❤ them all!  I don’t think I can pick a favorite out of this batch.  These were fun, and it was so nice to be crafty again.

Soapy Saturday

I am trying to get some soaps made for Valentine’s Day and today was the day.  Today I got 3 different bar types plus I got about 5 different types of odor eliminator spay and yoga mat spray.  Here’s the soaps:

It’s a Love Thing… Hemp Oil soap scented with Lavender essential oil.

I don’t know what to name this one yet.  It’s Honey and Hemp Oil soap scented with Freesia.

Kiss My Feet: Honey and Hemp Oil soap with Apricot Seeds for exfoliation.  It’s scented with Tea Tree, Lavender, and Peppermint essential oils.



Christmas Crafts

Okay now that Christmas is over I can post about some of the crafts I’ve completed.  I didn’t want any prying eyes to see any of these before they received them.  Anyway…

Here’s my Mary Jane slippers I sewed for a few gifts.  I think they turned out pretty cute (unfortunately I made one set a bit too small)

My Mod Podged Tea Light Holders

Turned into this:

or here’s another angle

I think they turned out cute!

Lastly I took some old ornaments, a glue gun, a bit of ribbon, a bow from a box and made this:

This is my favorite thing so far.  I got some more ornaments on sale the other day to make some more… who knows maybe they’ll become gifts or maybe I’ll put them on my etsy page.

Any Christmas crafts your proud of?

Don’t forget to give

In the mist of getting ready for Christmas and getting presents ready let’s not forget about those that don’t have the basic necessities. Please help me reach out to 1,000 people by donating to Soles4Souls. $1.00 helps 1 person, $5.00 helps a family get their first pair of shoes. Protecting the feet is one of the first lines of defense from disease. So whatever you have be it a $.50, $1.00, $10.00 … 100% will go toward these people that need the basics to survive.

Go here to help: