It’s time to change

I’ve decided that I needed one blog that talked about all aspects of my life instead of having three separate blogs.  I am going to be deleting this blog soon.  So if you want to stay connected and up with what’s going on in my life please subscribe to my new and soon to be only blog:  Thank you so much for being a fan but I can’t stay up with three blogs anymore.  I think one will de so much more.




I love when you get an idea in your mind and when you get it out it is exactly how you wanted it to be.  That is what happened yesterday.  Last weekend I had this vision for some art for a friend of mine and I knew I had to get some canvas.  It’s a multimedia piece.  The background is fabric (attached with mod podge).  Other elements include a stick I found outside and painted gold, a variety of buttons, and a poem I cut out in the shape of a bird.  I just love how it all came together and it was so much fun to make.  What do you all think?